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Trey Hatcher

Trey grew up in Amarillo,Texas with all of the other punk rock rejects until he was fifteen then moved to Vernal, Utah (of all places) to get to know his dad.  Shortly after moving he got a call from his best friend Derek saying that their friend Brian Deneke had been murdered and something changed in him.  Brian was an older kid that lived down the street and Trey idolized him as a punk rock hero.  He was nice, looked cool, and one of the only 'older punks' who ever gave Trey the time of day. So after hearing the news that same group of jocks that kicked the shit out of him had murdered his idol, Trey became an even more angry and destructive punk.  He had been playing guitar for a few years and writing songs so he decided to start a band. "The Delinquents" were a young, angry, and fast punk rock band who relocated to Salt Lake City. After the break up Trey did some traveling ending up in San Francisco where the bands "Skeptic Void" and "Baysic Wonder" were formed. The bands had a great time and local following, but inevitably broke up do to creative differences. So after some soul searching and a year in L.A., he decided to get out of the chaos and move to Hawaii to start a family. There is no scene or shows to speak of, but now he actually has a chance to play, write, and record his music at any given time and is truly free to express his ceativity.  Trey's grandfather was a mortician and he's always had an obsession with old classic horrors.  He saw 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' and 'Night of the Living Dead' when he was only five years old.  The first movie he ever saw in the theater was 'Poltergeist', but he would never know true horror until he was a little older.


Darkness and Light

Any musician that has anything to say has been though some shit. From poverty to drug use and homelessness, he has a deep understanding of punk rock and it's culture. Trey doesn't necessarily complain in his songs, but there is an underlying pain that he disguises with humor. In the seventh grade Trey's friend and gym partner shot himself before school one morning with his father's shotgun because he was tired of being bullied. The gym class was learning how to 'tie a tie' that day and Trey had no partner, he still has no idea how to tie one. After his abusive stepfather committed suicide and another good friend died from a heroin overdose, Trey was becoming used to the dark cloud that seemed to follow him.  After several years life seemed to be looking up when one day his wife Amanda approached him in the coffee field. She nervously explained that she got a phone call about their friend Mike and that something may have happened to him. It seemed like some awful FaceBook rumor and Trey was in complete denial about it, he and Mike were very close and had a bond that only turmoiled musicians share. After several phone calls to Mike, Mike's sister finally answered the phone. She found him frozen under a tree with a gun in his hand, he had shot himself in the woods near their house. As if this wasn't bad enough, two months later Trey's dad died in a horrible car crash and he knew it was time to start releasing all of the music he'd been working on. Despite the constant death that always seemed to follow him, Trey stayed resilient and is grateful to have an awesome family and a place to call home. In June of 2016 Trey's daughter 'Atreya' was born and in May 2019 his son 'Bodhi', both homebirths and the second unassisted. Things are definitely looking up with this new inspiration and Trey is doing better than ever. Although he isn't the same angry punk he used to be, you never really lose that energetic spirit. 



Trey Wonder is not rock star, just another human being making his mark on the wall humble to have even stood before it. Music is never an easy career choice, but it keeps the world moving and makes people happy so it is and always will be his one true passion.  Support independent music and buy his music through the link below.

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