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The Ghost of my Father-out now


Trey Hatcher

Trey grew up in Amarillo,Texas with all of the other punk rock rejects until he was fifteen then moved to Vernal, Utah of all places to get to know his dad. He had been playing guitar for a few years and writing songs so he decided to start a band. "The Delinquents" were a young, angry, and fast punk rock band who relocated to Salt Lake City. After the break up Trey did some traveling ending up in San Francisco where the bands "Skeptic Void" and "Baysic Wonder" were formed. The bands had a great time and local following, but inevitably broke up do to creative differences. So after some soul searching and a year in L.A., Trey decided to get the fuck off the mainland. Now in Hawaii with his wife and baby he is finally home. There is no scene or shows, but now Trey actually has a chance to play, write, and record his music at any given time. 


Darkness and Light

Any musician that has anything to say has been though some shit. Trey doesn't necessarily complain in his songs, but there is an underlying pain that he disguises with humor. Many of Trey's close friends have died either by suicide or overdose and then his dad in a horrible car crash. Despite these losses Trey stays resilient and is grateful to have an awesome family with his wife Amanda and daughter Atreya. From poverty to drug use and homelessness, he has a deep understanding of punk rock and it's culture. Although Trey isn't an angry punk anymore, you never really lose that energetic spirit.



Trey Wonder is not rock star. He is just another human being making his mark on the wall humble to have even stood before it. Music may not pay the bills, but it keeps the world moving and makes people happy.  You can purchase and get free music by clicking the box below.  Thanks for checking me out!

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